Collectors are in for some surprises this coming Friday 27 July 2012 as Hot Toys will be announcing their latest release of more collectible figures from the movie The Avengers such as the most awaited Iron Man Mark 7, The Hulk and 2 other unexpected announcement of Agent Phil Coulson and Chitauri Footsoldier.

Agent Phil Coulson

Chitauri Footsoldier

Apart from that, we will can also expect to see the release of figures from the movie The Dark Knight Rises, Catwoman and also a 1/4th scale series of the character Batman. The 1/4th scale Batman figure will be something that we are looking forward for.

Batman Accessories

Batman 1/4th Scale

We will update any news during the Friday event that will go on until Tuesday next week. We are sure there will be lots of interesting things to share with all our fans here.