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Category: Upcoming

We are Back!

The Hobiplanet Team have been taking a very long break and we will be back very soon to share more collectibles announcements as well as events related to your favorite collectibles. Stay tune!

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Iron Man 3 Shootout Scene

We just found an exciting clip from the upcoming Iron Man 3 movie. This is the scene where 3 chopper attacked Tony Stark’s Mansion. Enjoy! <NOTE: Sorry to all our viewers. It seems that this video has been blocked from...

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Iron Man 3 Official Trailer

The Iron Man 3 trailer will be released tomorrow to all the Iron Man fans that have been waiting to have a sneak peak on what is expected in the upcoming movie in May 2013. Check out the 17 seconds teaser from the movie; Sneak...

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New ‘RoboCop’ Suit

The new reboot of the RoboCop movie is currently in the making and today, we saw photos of the new ‘RoboCop’ suit shared in the Internet. The suit looks kind of simple and not that great. Maybe this is the first...

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Collectible Figures for Judge Dredd 2012?

We are wondering if any company will consider making the collectible figure for the upcoming movie Dredd 2012. Sideshow Collectibles previously released a Diorama figure which will be shipped in September 2012 and it is based on...

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Batman: The Dark Knight Rises

It’s been a quiet pre-weekend with no surprises from either Hot Toys or Sideshow on any new Avengers figurine release. Let’s take a look at the next box-office that will be released soon, The Dark Knight Rises. These...

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Coming Up Next: Thor by Hot Toys

After the release of the Captain America figure for pre-order yesterday, Hot Toys released a sneak peak of the next upcoming limited edition collectible, as expected, Thor: Son of Asgard. Looks like Iron Man Mark 7 will most...

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