The Grand ship Collection from the animated series One Piece from Bandai is a must have for all the One Piece fan out there because it is quiet small and simple to assemble. So far, there is already 4 models available. It all started with Thousand Sunny & Trafalgar Law’s Submarine and just in last month (March 2012), they released Going Merry. The latest release is the Red Force ship which will be released in May 2012.

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The nice thing about this model other then the size is that they are 2 types of base that you can use for the display. You can use the standard base or the ocean effect which is kind of cool. I like the ocean effect more.

Going Merry Base

Type of base

Some of the common features for all these collections are:

  • Comes with foil stickers to decorate the ship
  • Attachable to 1/144 scaled action base 2 from Bandai
  • A new series of the pirate ships appears from “One Piece”.
  • Its compact size makes it easy to display.
  • The colors can be recreated by included stickers.
  • Includes a ocean surface effect part.

This item is available at USD 22.95 at Gundam Planet while locally here in Malaysia, you can get it between RM 65 to 75. If you are a One Piece fan, be sure to have this collection as the size is not that huge and can be easily displayed at home.