During the recent Ani-Com Hong Kong 2012 event, Hot Toys not only showcased some of the figures that everyone have been waiting for, but also some unexpected figures such as the 2 upcoming X-Men figure; Professor X from the movie X-Men: First Class and X-Men: The Last Stand.

Professor-X from X-Men: First Class

First, we have Professor-X from the movie X-Men: First Class in the suit. The detail of this figure is incredible especially the head sculpt. This is the figure that we are looking forward for. Next is Wolverine from X-Men: The Last Stand. We already saw Hot Toys producing Wolverine before this, but this time, Wolverine is in the X-Men Suit from the movie.

Wolverine from X-Men: The Last Stand

The head sculpt of this figure is also incredible if we compare back with the 2 other previous figure from Hot Toys. Let’s wait and see more photos release by Hot Toys soon for this 2 figures and we hope that it won’t release concurrently because it really hurt our wallet with so many nice figures that has been announced since the figures from the movie The Avengers and follow by The Dark Knight Rises. Until then, happy collecting.