Kotobukiya: Iron Man Mark 7 Actual Product

The Iron Man figure has been the most demanded figure in the market. While everyone is waiting anxiously for the figure to be released by Hot Toys, let us feed your appetite with another nice artwork that will be available very soon (June 2012) from Kotobukiya. Kotobukiya actually unveils this latest ARTFX statue, the new Ironman Mark VII from the movie The Avengers for pre-order way back in March 2012 which we think is a great piece of work. There are already some photos shown online on the actual product and it is a must have for the Iron Man figure collectors.

This was the prototype of the item before it was produced, photo courtesy from Marvel.com.

Mark VII Prototype

The figure is now priced at about RM 565. Let’s take a look at the prototype and also the actual figure.

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Updated 1 July 2012. We have included a latest video from Kotobukiya. The figure is just awesome.