Hot Toys Iron Man Mark 7

Hot Toys Iron Man Mark 7 – Image source: 1/6th Collector

Just after a month the Hot Toys: Iron Man Mark 7 is released in the market, we notice the price of this figure are being sold at ebay or via forums are just too high. It’s quite sad to see this as a collector ourselves. There are people that love to collect this but are just not lucky enough to get their hands on this figure.

We then thought of this, we will try to source for a collector that is willing to sell 1 for us at a reasonable price, and we will then have a contest in our website where we will randomly select a winner that will have the chance to buy this figure at the cost that we bought this from the collector. The winner will also have to bare the shipping cost. What do you all think? Sorry we can’t give out the figure to the winner because we are just a group of collectors that love this hobby and started this site to share this passion.

We already started to source for the collector now and will announce the contest when we get the item. So, get ready with your collection photo to be posted at Until then, happy collection.