We are wondering if any company will consider making the collectible figure for the upcoming movie Dredd 2012. Sideshow Collectibles previously released a Diorama figure which will be shipped in September 2012 and it is based on the Judge Dredd comic version. You may click on this link to consider the comic version of this figure which is a limited edition figure where it will be only 300 available worldwide; Pop Culture Shock Collectibles Judge Dredd Diorama – 1:4 Scale – Pop Culture Shock

Dredd Diorama

The look of Judge Dredd in the new movie is definetly different then the one from the comic and also from the movie Judge Dredd way back in 1995 staring Sylvester Stallone. Check out the teaser of this movie in the poster below;

Dredd 2012 Teaser

While we wait for either Hot Toys, Enterbay or Sideshow the announce if they are making the Dredd 2012 figure, let’s watch the trailer shall we.