In one of the scene in the movie “The Avengers”, Nick Fury uses the blood stained cards to give the Avengers “a little push” to assemble. That’s the Captain America Trading cards that Agent Coulson have been collecting for years and now that Steve Rogers has been woken from the ice, he was hoping to get them signed.

Agent Coulson's Captain Amercia Vintage Card

Actually, you can now get hold of this cards are now available for sale. Offered by this company called eFX Inc, there are 2 Complete sets of cards, “Near Mint” as Agent Coulson would brag and the Blood stained set that Nick Fury used to encourage the Avengers to unite. Among the feature of this cards are;

  1. Printed from the original digital files supplied by MARVEL Studios
  2. Presentation booklet
  3. Prop Story
  4. Certificate of Authenticity

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