The Hot Toys Iron Monger that was open for pre order in September 2011 is finally going to be available in the market soon. This is just some of the photos shared by the reviewers that always brings us fresh from the oven photos before a figures are release. I must say, this is another figure that cannot be missed. Even though that it already took more than 1 year for the figure to be released, it is worth the wait.

Great news! You can still Pre-Order the Iron Monger in Malaysia from BigBangToyz at RM1450 (will be RM1480 if you don’t pre-order now). Click on this link to pre-order now as it will be available sometime next month. Make this the best Christmas gift ever! You may also order the figure here; Hot Toys Movie Masterpiece Series Iron Monger

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You may also want to check out this awesome figure via this YouTube video by Luka;