The Avengers: Age of Ultron ‘Artist Mix Series’ Collection by Hot Toys

Age of Ultron Artist Series by Hot Toys

Age of Ultron Artist Series by Hot Toys

Hot Toys released it’s latest breed of collectibles and this time known as the Artist Mix. The very first series that will be open for pre-order consist of the very Hulkbuster, Mark 43, Captain America, Ultron Prime and 2 versions of Ultron Sentry from the movie The Avengers: Age of Ultron. These figures has a bobble-head and stands at approximately 14cm tall except the Hulkbuster which is at approximately 20cm tall. Hot Toys will be collaborating with different artists and designers from various spectrum to create a special art form of the movie characters with unique style. For the very first series, Hot Toys is joining hands with famous Japanese toy artist Touma*.

Come back again to get your hands on these cool new breed of collectibles when it is open for pre-order.

*More about Touma (source from Hot Toys FB Page):
Touma is a Japanese toys character designer. He started his career at a video game company 10 years ago. In 2001, he established his own workshop and started to become a figurine artist. He had his solo exhibitions and autograph sessions not only in Japan, but also in Taiwan, Hong Kong, Singapore and America. He collaborated with many major brands such as MONSTER HUNTER, STAR WARS, TRANSFORMERS, AVP, GODZILLA, POWER RANGERS, and more.

Recently, Touma and his 3D animation partner Shiroma collaborated with Hot Toys for the first time to ignite the Artist Mix Collection series to further expand the diversity of mini figures collection. The series is based on the 2015 Marvel Studios blockbuster, Avengers: Age of Ultron, which perfectly blends the iconic characters with Touma’s unique design style.


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