Mazinger Z and Doublas M2 by ThreeZero

Mazinger Z

Mazinger Z

Did you notice the new Mazinger  Z figure that will be released by ThreeZero? Open for pre-order on 25 Apr 2014, the figure is expected to be shipped out on the 4Q, 2014. If you order the figure through the ThreeZero website at threezerostore, you  will receive Doublas M2 severed head with their Mazinger. The Doublas M2 severed head is EXCLUSIVE to threezerostore.com ONLY. It’s open for pre-order now at USD 330/HKD 2550.

  • 16 inches tall.
  • highly detail mechanic parts.
  • fully posable figure.
  • detachable Hover Pilder.
  • 2 X Iron Cutter with Mighty Knuckles (detachable)
  • 1 Mighty Sword.
  • lights up eyes.

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