F1 Nose Cone (Red Bull RB6)

Today, I am going to share another nice F1 Nose Cone collection from Amalgam. This is another detailed 1/12 scale replica nose cone design from the Red Bull team that won the 2010 F1 Constructors Championship and also driven by 2010 F1 Drivers Championshop, Sebastien Vettel. This hand built model also comes with a mounted leather base. The price of this item is also £69.99 now from the Amalgam website. Similar to the previous model that I shared, you can also get some discount on delivery if the item is going to be sent outside of EU. Check out the detail of this collection (Photos from Amalgam.com)


F1 Nose Cone (Vodafone McLaren Mercedes MP4/25)

This is something that I must share with all the F1 fan out there. Today, I want to share the Vodafone McLaren Mercedes MP4/25 Front Wing/Nose Cone at 1/12th scale. This fine collector’s hand built replica model was the F1 car used by Jenson Button in the 2010 F1 Championship. We can clearly see the subtlety and refinement of this most important part of the car’s aero set-up. This collection also comes with a nice black box and a leather based with a polished stainless steel title plate for us to display them. Too bad, it does not comes with a glass casing.

This fine collector’s piece is brough to you by Amalgam. The price shown in the website is £69.99 but if you are outside of EU, you can get a discount of £9.13 for delivery. You may check out the price and details of this item by clicking on this link. (Photos from Amalgam.com)