Iron Man 3 Official Trailer

Iron Man 3 Teaser

The Iron Man 3 trailer will be released tomorrow to all the Iron Man fans that have been waiting to have a sneak peak on what is expected in the upcoming movie in May 2013. Check out the 17 seconds teaser from the movie;

Sneak Peak #1

Sneak Peak #2

Official Trailer

These are some of the shots from the movie itself. We can see the new Iron Man Mark XLVII and also the Iron Patriot. Wonder if there is any other Mark suit that will be revealed in the movie. Let’s wait and see.

Iron Patriot

Iron Man Mark XLVII

Tony with Mark XLVII


Next Hot Toys Release: Batpod

After the Batman DX12 was released, the next figure that we are expecting is the Batpod. We saw some photos shared showing the photographer working on photoshoots for DX12 and also the Batpod figure. This is actually the second chance for those that missed out the first Batpod and we are sure that there will be some improvement on this figure. Let’s wait for all the photos to be fully release. Before it is fully sold out, make sure you order the figure here; Hot Toys Movie Masterpiece Series The Bat-pod Sixth Scale (The Dark Knight Rises)

Next Release Batpod


Hot Toys: The Dark Knight Rises (DX12)

Apparently, it’s true. The Hot Toys Batman 1/6th Scale from the movie The Dark Knight Rises is finally out and it is unexpected by most collectors. Most are expecting this to be released only in December. At the moment, Hong Kong will be the first to get hold of this. Even from the Sideshow Collectibles newsletter, collectors are expected to be getting this figure within the next 30 days. It is still not too late to order the figure now. Click here to order now; Hot Toys DX Series Batman DX – The Dark Knight Rises – Sixth Scale Collectible Figure

Happy collecting and do share your figure at www.hobiplanet.com!

Batman DX Box

The box is nicely design with The Dark Knight Rises logo as the cover and inside the box, there is another cover layer with the blueprint of “The Batwing”. These are just some of the photos extracted from the typical photographer that is given the chance to photoshoot the figures before it is released to the public;

For more photos, check out the photos by Luka Chou‘s album. You should also check out more photos at Toy People.