Getting Started

First of all, welcome to the getting started guide. Before we begin the guide, let us introduce to you what is all about. Basically, this is your digital hobby cabinet for you to share and display your hobby/collections. We do not limit the number of collection that you can create, but we encourage you to post more of your collection here because you will be ranked based on the number of gallery you have in our website. Below is the idea on how you will be ranked based on the number of collection that you created in You will start as a "Youngling" when you signup. Ranking

Signing Up

Okay, let's just keep it short and simple to get you started to use the website. First of all, make you you signup as a member. Click here to go to the registration form. Please follow this pointer:

  1. Make sure you signup with a valid email address that you are actively using because we will send a confirmation email to your account.
  2. Click on a link in the email to validate your account. If you did not do so, you won't be able to login to the account.
  3. After validating your account, you can then login to

Manage Profile
Now that you are login to the account, click on the Edit Profile link on the top panel in the website. You will be directed to the Edit Profile Page.
Edit Profile
Make sure you get ready with a nice photo of yourself because you will now update your profile photo. This photo will be shown througout the website when you create your gallery and when visitors are viewing your profile. Make sure the file size is smaller then 4MB to avoid the site taking time to upload your photo.
Upload Image

Member Page
Now that you have created your account and updated your information and profile photo, you can start creating your gallery. Notice that you can only see the Member Page tab after you login to your account. Otherwise, this tab is not shown.
Member Page

Let us explain to you the parts in the Member Page.

  1. The first option available is for your to create your gallery. As mentioned earlier, you can create as many gallery as you wish. Make sure that each gallery that you create is for 1 collection. Means that, if you have 10 collections with you, you should create 10 gallery.
  2. Next is the My Collection Gallery section. You will be able to see all the gallery that you created in this section and also the Wanted Items that you created from the Wanted Items section. You can edit or remove your gallery in this section.
  3. Favorite Gallery is the section that you can view gallery from other collectors that you added as your Favorite.

Creating Your Gallery
Let's start creating our first gallery. Click on the Create Gallery section in the Member Page. You will be presented with the Create Gallery page.
Step 1
Make sure all the fields with the * sign is provided. You can upload up to 6 photos for each of the gallery that you are creating. Click on the Upload Photos button and a window will popup to allow you to search for the location of photo for your gallery. After locating for the photos, you can select all 6 photos at once and click Open to start uploading the photos.
Step 2
Once you click on the Open button on the photo selection window, you will notice the Upload Photos album shows the word "Uploading, please wait...". Please wait for the photo to be uploaded. It may take time depending on the speed of your Internet.
Step 3
Once the photos are uploaded, you will see all the photos that you selected is now shown in the form. Notice that the Upload Photos button is now shown as "Gallery Full" which means that you cannot upload any more photos for this gallery. You can choose to delete whichever photos that you wish to remove by clicking on the "Delete" button below the photo.
Step 4
Next, if you have a video to share for your collection, please upload them to YouTube first. Once you uploaded the video to YouTube, visit the YouTube website and copy the link from the address bar as shown in the screenshot below.
Step 5
After copying the link from the address bar, come back to the form and paste it to the Youtube field in the Create Gallery form. After you paste the link, click anywhere outside the form and you will see the video is now attached to the gallery.
Step 6
Finally, after confirm that all the information for your gallery is provided, click on the Save this Gallery button at the bottom of the form to create your gallery. You will be directed back to the Member Page where you will notice the My Collection Gallery will show the number of gallery that you created. You will also notice in the body of the page, the gallery that you create is shown in the table below. If at any point you wish to update or remove a collection from your gallery, just come back to the My Collection Gallery page and select Edit or Remove. Please take note that once your Remove a gallery, you will not be able to retrieve back any record (such as Likes or Comments) that is recorded for that gallery.
Posting Complete